When it comes to fashion, my style is casual, fun, vintage and a little flirty. My every day look is a tank top, pair of jeans and sneakers. I love to highlight beachwear, casual looks, denim everything and cute flat shoes.

For decor, furniture and landscaping, I like to create cosy and cluttered scenes for beach houses, country cottages and family homes. You will also find lots of delicious food featured.

Styled by Chloe is a diary of my passion for styling.


> Fashion
> Skin & Make up
> Hair
> Furniture and Decor
> Vehicles
> Animals
> Backdrops
> Poses
> Events
> Free, Group Gifts, Hunt items


> With designers
– Additional information will be posted about your product.
– An information page will be added to this blog with your store / event information and links.
– My Flickr posts will be added to your Flickr group, plus at least 100 other Flickr groups.
– I will create an album on Flickr, so people can find my posts featuring your products easier.
– A link to my Flickr post will be posted on my personal Facebook.
– I will post a link to each Flickr post in blogger / fashion groups on Facebook.
– I will tag owners / blog managers on Flickr and Facebook as required.

> With bloggers
– I will provide all my styling info for your post.

> With photographers
– I am happy to pose with you for general photography.
– I will not pose for nude or pornography pics.


777 Motors | Cinoe | Muniick | Insurrektion
Zen Creations | TLC | Decor Junction & Shutter Field | Raindale
Mixx Event | LAGOM | Serenity Style | Chez Moi | Rezz Room
Cosmopolitan | Hello Tuesday


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