LOTD #191

[Insurrektion] – Boho Home Office
[Available @ eBento / 11 – 31 March 2021]

[IK] Boho Home Office – Desk
[IK] Boho Home Office – Files
[IK] Boho Home Office – Cactus Trio
[IK] Boho Home Office – Metal Basket
[IK] Boho Home Office – Basket
[IK] Boho Home Office – Magazines Tray
[IK] Boho Home Office – Paint Case
[IK] Boho Home Office – Porcelain Cactus
[IK] Boho Home Office – Deco Hat
[IK] Boho Home Office – Plaster Skull
[IK] Boho Home Office – Computer
[IK] Boho Home Office – Toy Plane
[IK] Boho Home Office – Dummies
[IK] Boho Home Office – Chair (Adult) [Rare]

[13 Common / 1 Rare]

[Insurrektion] – Desert Plants

[IK] Desert Plants – Frames
[IK] Desert Plants – Hanging Rosemary [Rare]
[IK] Desert Plants – Olive [Ultra Rare]
[IK] Desert Plants – Big Agave
[IK] Desert Plants – Small Agave
[IK] Desert Plants – Rosemary
[IK] Desert Plants – Big Succulent
[IK] Desert Plants – Small Succulent
[IK] Desert Plants – Saguaro [Rare]
[IK] Desert Plants – Table
[IK] Desert Plants – Hanging Ivy [Rare]

[7 Common / 3 Rare / 1 Ultrarare]

[Rezz Room] British Shorthair Yawning
[Gacha item]

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