LOTD #239

CHEZ MOI Lockhart Dining Set
[Available @ Cosmopolitan / 17 – 29 May 2021]

CHEZ MOI Lockhart Dining Table
CHEZ MOI Lockhart Chair
CHEZ MOI Lockhart Placemat
CHEZ MOI Lockhart Succulent
[More information about the set on the Chez Moi Website]

{Unflat Stuff} – Kitchen Clutter
[Available @ Cosmopolitan / 17 – 29 May 2021]

{Unflat Stuff} Retro scifi commissary terminal
{Unflat Stuff} Colored shelves
{Unflat Stuff} Bread box
{Unflat Stuff} Bread on breadboard
{Unflat Stuff} Espresso Maker
{Unflat Stuff} Kettle – 202105
{Unflat Stuff} Retro Wall Clock
{Unflat Stuff} Love candle
{Unflat Stuff} Vintage radio
{Unflat Stuff} Folding rack

Items sold separately or as fatpack
[More items available – Not pictured]

[DKO] North country Rug Geometric Arabic 1
[Available @ Cosmopolitan / 17 – 29 May 2021]

Apple Fall Plant Nook Collection

Apple Fall Euphorbia Cactus
Apple Fall Potted Agave – Variegated
Apple Fall Potted Agave – Green
Apple Fall Potted Agave – Variegated
Apple Fall Gardening Books w/ Mister
Apple Fall Emily Pouf – Canvas
Apple Fall Begonia Maculata
Apple Fall Carter Lamp – Nickel

[Rezz Room] Box Bengal Cat Sleep
[Gacha item]

Trompe Loeil – Shoemaker Cottage

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