LOTD #270

[Insurrektion] – Peggy Sue’s Dinner Gacha
[Available @ Vintage Fair / 11 – 21 June 2021]

[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Gumball machine
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Jukebox
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Square table
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Condiment dispenser
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Rockola
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Napkin holder
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Chair (Adult)
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Stool (Adult)
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Counter
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Straws container
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Milkshake mixer
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Sofa (Adult)
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Car (Adult)
[IK] Peggy Sue’s Dinner – Lamp

[13 Common / 4 Rare / 1 Ultrarare]

[Cinoe] – Coffee living
[Available @ FaMESHed / 1 – 27 June 2021]

[Cinoe] Coffee living – Matcha ice waffle (Dispencer)
[Cinoe] Coffee living – Hot coffee (Dispencer)
[Cinoe] Coffee living – Cold coffee (Dispencer)
[Cinoe] Coffee living – Caramel ice waffle (Dispencer)
[Cinoe] Coffee living – Strawberry ice waffle (Dispencer)
[Cinoe] Coffee living – Chocolate ice waffle (Dispencer)

Items sold separately or as a fatpack
Table and chair also available (not pictured)

[Insurrektion] – Naughty neon Set
[Available @ Fetish Fair / 12 – 26 June 2021]

[IK] Naughty neon Set – Lollipop

10 Neon signs in set

Make a Mark – * International Restaurant #6 Price Table
[Gacha item]

[Kres] Retro Diner Signs – Fries Coffee & Burgers

[Kres] Retro Diner Signs – Burgers
[Kres] Retro Diner Signs – Coffee
[Kres] Retro Diner Signs – Fries

.:YouNeed:. Loft House Bricks

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