LOTD #276

DJ.SF – Jess Cottage
[Available @ SL18B Shop & Hop / 17 June – 6 July 2021]

Available in Shabby, White (pictured), Rustic and Black
Can open all doors and windows on touch
Menu texture change for interior floors and walls
25% off during the event

[Insurrektion] – Bali Set
[Available @ TLC / 18 June – 10 July 2021]

[IK] Bali Set – Old Planks
[IK] Bali Set – Armchair (PG)
[IK] Bali Set – Coffee Table
[IK] Bali Set – Candlestick
[IK] Bali Set – Deco Bowl
[IK] Bali Set – Buoys
[IK] Bali Set – Small Planter
[IK] Bali Set – Hanger
[IK] Bali Set – Stool (PG)
[IK] Bali Set – Wood Mosaic
[IK] Bali Set – Cabinet
[IK] Bali Set – Oar Showcase
[IK] Bali Set – Medium Planter
[IK] Bali Set – Boards Deco
[IK] Bali Set – Oar Rack

TLC – Godwit Collection
[Available @ Summerfest / 19 June – 11 July 2021]

Animesh Godwit Collection comes in 6 texture options, animesh, hybrid,
and mesh variants, including habitat

TLC Godwit [Marbled Breeding]
TLC Godwit [Bar Tailed – Wet]
TLC Godwit [Marbled]
TLC Godwit [Black Tailed]
xTLC Godwit [Hudsonian]

[CIRCA] Pkg – “Tropical Bay” Rock Set – Sage Lichen

Little Branch_BeachPalm*Quad{Animated}

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