LOTD #307

CHEZ MOI – Mina Living Room

CHEZ MOI Mina Accent Table
CHEZ MOI Mina Orchid Vase
CHEZ MOI Velvet Mina Settee (PG)
CHEZ MOI Mina Chair (PG)
CHEZ MOI Mina Coffee Table

PG or Adult versions available
HUD for sofa, chair and pillow
For more information: Chez Moi Website – Mina Living Room

[Cinoe] Box of joy
[Available @ Kustom9 / 15 July – 10 August 2021]

[Cinoe] Box of joy – Pizza
[Cinoe] Box of joy – Sandwich (OPEN)

3 sets available
Includes box with and without lid
Eatable BENTO animation / AVSitter supports foods

Jian Puff Pups :: Sleepy Puff RARE
[Gacha item]

Muniick – Plant Pack 1
[Muniick 50L Weekend Deal / 17 – 18 July 2021]

Muniick Houseplant No07 Ficus A
Muniick Apollo Wall Planter – Large v2
Muniick Apollo Wall Planter – Small v2
Muniick Small Snake Plant in Bucket
Muniick- Llewellyn Small House Plant in Ceramic Jug
Muniick- Van Der Koert Purple Daisies

Raindale – Aquane fountain – promo
[Wanderlust / 17 – 18 July 2021]
It comes with sound, animated water effect in 2 colors (white and teal)

TROPIX // Modern architecture 01

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