LOTD #318

Serenity Style– Lost Refuge Cabin
[Available @ 13Event / 13 July – 4 August 2021]

Serenity Style- Lost Refuge Cabin
Serenity Style- Lost Refuge Bed [ADULT]

[Insurrektion] Boho Deco Gacha

1. [IK] Boho Deco – Wall Baskets
18. [IK] Boho Deco – Stool (Adult) [Rare]
14. [IK] Boho Deco – Basket C
14. [IK] Boho Deco – Basket B
14. [IK] Boho Deco – Basket A
16. [IK] Boho Deco – Lantern
8. [IK] Boho Deco – Animal Totem
9. [IK] Boho Deco – Chakras Stones
2. [IK] Boho Deco – Pennants
7. [IK] Boho Deco – Beads Curtain
15. [IK] Boho Deco – Chair (Adult) [Ultrarare]
17 .[IK] Boho Deco – Auxiliary Table [Rare]
13. [IK] Boho Deco – Salt Lamp
4. [IK] Boho Deco – Big Sun Mirror
10. [IK] Boho Deco – Macrame Wall Deco
12. [IK] Boho Deco – Wall Cactus Deco
5. [IK] Boho Deco – Eye Mirror
11. [IK] Boho Deco – Crystals Shelf [Rare]
6. [IK] Boho Deco – Brass Cow Skull [Rare]
3. [IK] Boho Deco – Small Sun Mirror

[13 Common / 4 Rare / 1 Ultrarare]

TLC – Donkey

Konoha – Beech Forest (Fagus carla) -Elder Pack v.STM003

BUSH (Tree used as bush)
Little Branch_SummerWindTree{4Seasons}*Animated

Simply Shelby – Wild Weedy Grass – yellow

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