LOTD #367

Myrrine – Garden selection
[Available @ Cosmopolitan / 6 – 18 September 2021]

Garden selection – shack
Garden selection – watering can
Garden selection – minigarden
Garden selection – cabinet
Garden selection – potteries
Garden selection – potteries in the crate

~The Green Door~ Tudor House – with Lights
[Available @ Cosmopolitan / 6 – 18 September 2021]

The house has 5 rooms, central living/family area, kitchen/dining

Konoha – “Jest” Weeds {1024×1024} [v.VCP.006]
[Available @ Cosmopolitan / 6 – 18 September 2021]

There are 26 uniquely shaped clumps of different sizes.
There are 10 texture/colors for these flowers and 16 dual-combos
and a few bonus textures as well

[777] Gentleman

ACSv7 – Realistic sounds – Redirect
Openable doors, hood & trunk w/ detailed engine – Customizable license plate
Color options for 8 parts with 40+ presets & custom choices

:Fallen New York: Delivery – Vines on Cracks – Set Pink

:FNY: Designs – Clematis Viticella Pink – Upgrowing [Crack]
:FNY: Designs – Clematis Viticella Pink – Straight
:FNY: Designs – Clematis Viticella Pink – Hanger M
:FNY: Designs – Clematis Viticella Pink – CornerLeft [Crack]
:FNY: Designs – Clematis Viticella Pink – CornerRight [Crack]

Konoha – Trails of Kitamachi

(Fundati) Ancient Tree II

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