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LOTD #623

CHEZ MOI Sicily Patio Set
[Available @ Cosmopolitan / 11 – 23 July 2022]

PG or Adult version available
Includes HUD for chair and daybed

CHEZ MOI Sicily Chair (PG)
CHEZ MOI Sicily Accent Table
CHEZ MOI Sicily Side Table
CHEZ MOI Sicily Candle Holder S
CHEZ MOI Sicily Candle Holder L
CHEZ MOI Sicily Daybed (PG)

Chez Moi Website – Sicily Patio Set

[Mamere] Mamere Beer set
[Available @ Cosmopolitan / 11 – 23 July 2022]

Includes: animated beer, bottle dispenser, beer bucket,
bucket dispenser, static beer and beer with lime dispenser

Mamere Flickr – Mamere Beer set AD

[Mamere] Nachos set
[Available @ Cosmopolitan / 11 – 23 July 2022]

Includes: nachos with cheese dip and with salsa
animated, dispenser, plate animated, plate static, dip static

Mamere Flickr – Nachos set AD

{Your Dreams} Summer Backyard

{YD} Summer Backyard – Big Lamp
{YD} Summer Backyard – Small Lamp

dust bunny . potted palm

[Insurrektion] Wicker World – Watercolors Set

[IK] Wicker World – Watercolor B
[IK] Wicker World – Watercolor A
[IK] Wicker World – Watercolor C

TLC – Parrots Collection_Blue and Gold Macaw**

Includes: Perched, Sitting (pictured), Circling Clockwise,
Circling Anticlockwise, Companion

Architect. Locke Rug Rectangle #8

Scarlet Creative Ella Muscat


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