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LOTD #688

[Insurrektion] Witch Hut Set 1
[Available @ We Love Role-Play / 4 – 31 October 2022]

[IK] Witch Hut Set 1 – Logs Hanger
[IK] Witch Hut Set 1 – Fireplace 1
[IK] Witch Hut Set 1 – Torch
[IK] Witch Hut Set 1 – Magic Herbs
[IK] Witch Hut Set 1 – Candlelight
[IK] Witch Hut Set 1 – Fireplace Tools

Insurrektion Flickr – Witch Hut Set AD

ITEMS @ [Insurrektion]
[IK] Joanna Reading Corner – Armchair (PG)
[IK] Joanna Reading Corner – Tables
[IK] Joanna Living Set – Deco Set
[IK] Joanna Living Set – Oil Painting
[IK] Joanna Reading Corner – Frames
[IK] Joanna Desk Set – Ornament
[IK] Joanna Desk Set – Sealing Wax Set
[IK] Joanna Desk Set – Book
[IK] Joanna Desk Set – Door Stops
[IK] Joanna Reading Corner – Ladder

Soul2Soul. French Linen Teapot Plant
Soul2Soul. French Linen Crate
Soul2Soul. French Linen Divider Rack
Soul2Soul. French Linen Cup’n’Saucer

[Rezz Room] Sphynx Animesh (Companion) v1.0.0

Wearable or rezzable animesh versions
(Wander / Follow / Idle)
4 Fur textures / 3 Eyes textures
Name tag
Advanced material on/off
Tattoo layers and options
20 static animations bonus

Rezz Room Flickr – Sphynx AD
Sphynx Cat Video Tutorial

KraftWork Runner Rugs . Upholstered Gray (fringes)

Scarlet Creative Charlotte’s Corner House Boat or Cabin – White


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