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LOTD #691

[Rezz Room]  Otter Adult Animesh (Companion)
[Available @ Kustom9 / 15 October – 10 November 2022]

Companion or Holdable available

Wearable or rezzable animesh versions
(Wander / Follow / Idle)
Name tag – Sound on/off
Advanced material on/off
20 static animations bonus for companion otter
10 static animations for holdable otter

Rezz Room Flickr – Otter Ad | Otter Video

DaD “The RoundHouse” c/m v.1.0
[Available @ FaMESHed / 1 – 27 October 2022]

The days are getting cooler, so it’s the perfect time to plan for that getaway to the mountains in a small cozy home.

The Round House is just that, small and cozy to snuggle up near the built-in fireplace. Want a bit of that clean mountain air, then with the touch of a button open the sky roof to let the refreshing air in.

Made of wood and brick, this is a fabulous little home to spend the fall and winter months.

DaD Flickr – “The RoundHouse” AD

Konoha – Lavender fields – Rectangular clump 2
Konoha – Wild Sunflowers – Square Dense
Konoha – Swamp Cypress – Taxodium soul 2
Konoha -“Jest” Weeds – Tall Hill {512}
Konoha – Populus saisei – T5
Fagus carla – Group H vSTM.003

Divias Design – Romantic River 
Sources – VIWOSSEL little rock


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